Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite Reduction


Cellulite. Virtually everyone has it, but very few of us are prepared to admit it. Whether your cellulite ranges from mild to severe, it can have a significant impact on your confidence and self-esteem. Whilst it is fairly easy to hide under day to day clothes, many people who have it choose to avoid wearing shorts and swimwear and prefer to dress with the light off when their partner is around.

Fortunately, there are treatments available that can help improve the texture and appearance of cellulite. One of the most effective is red light therapy. We are pleased to be able to offer effective and non-invasive cellulite reduction using red light therapy here at our body slimming and anti-aging clinic in Sarasota, FL. In the meantime, here is what you need to know about how red-light therapy works and what it can mean for your stubborn cellulite.

About cellulite

Cellulite appears as lumpy, bumpy, dimpled skin that has the same texture and overall looks like orange peel. It is harmless and occurs when fatty deposits push through the connective tissue beneath the skin.

Cellulite most commonly affects the thighs and buttocks, but it isn’t impossible for it to develop on other parts of your body. It is also more common in females, primarily due to the difference in fat, muscle, and connective tissue in men and women.

Causes of cellulite

Why one person develops cellulite and another person doesn’t is it not always clear. However, there are some factors that put someone at greater risk of experiencing this cosmetic issue. These include:

- Hormone fluctuations

- Aging and the natural deterioration of skin quality due to the slowdown in collagen and elastin production

- Genetics: patients who have family members with cellulite are believed to be at increased risk of the condition

- Being overweight/obese

- Smoking

- Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol

What is red light therapy?

Red light therapy is an innovative new therapeutic technique that uses low-level wavelengths of red light to treat a range of cosmetic issues, including scars, wrinkles, and of course, cellulite.

Our red-light laser targets areas of cellulite, passing harmlessly through the skin to the underlying fat cells which are liquidized and therefore able to shrink. The shrinkage of fat cells in the entire area causes the skin to appear smoother, tighter, and much more toned. In addition to this, red-light therapy enhances your natural metabolic rate – something which improves your fat-burning capabilities and can help you to lose weight and improve your body tone.

Benefits of red-light therapy in cellulite reduction

Why choose red-light therapy to improve the appearance of your cellulite? Some of the biggest advantages include:

- No need for anesthetic since the process is non-invasive

- No discomfort

- Short appointment times

- No downtime needed

Research that we have conducted has found that just one 20-minute treatment produces results that are equivalent to having completed SEVEN 30-minute cardio exercise sessions! If you are short on time and after quick results, if you hate exercise, or if doing cardio is difficult for you, red-light therapy could produce the cosmetic results that you are looking for.

If you are suffering from cellulite and would like to find out if you are a good candidate for our cellulite reduction service, please get in touch with our clinic in Sarasota, FL at (941) 241-0500 where our team will be happy to schedule you an appointment.