Weight Loss in Sarasota, FL

Weight Loss

Although red light laser lipo is most well known for being a contouring treatment that can target areas of your body where stubborn fat cells refuse to shift, the process also has some other important benefits. One of these is that our advanced red-light treatment can also help you to lose weight.

How does red-light treatment help with weight loss?

Clinical research has shown that red light treatment can boost weight loss. The way in which it works is very simple. Safe, concentrated wavelengths of therapeutic red light are delivered to your skin using our machine. When it reaches your skin cells, it penetrates them and triggers several things to happen. Firstly, the energy delivered by the light reduces oxidative stress. This can be important since some studies have shown that persistently high levels of oxidative stress within the body not only lead to health problems such as diabetes, but they can also contribute to weight gain (which again can trigger the development of obesity-related illnesses and diseases).

Secondly, red light is believed to affect adipocytes. Also known as lipocytes, these are the cells that specialize in storing energy as fat. In affecting these cells, the red light causes the fat within them to liquefy. They then break down and release the fat from within them which is then passed out of the body using the usual channels of excretion.

In addition to this, research has also found that red light therapy can speed up the metabolism. This expedites fat burning, making it possible for you to burn more during your usual day to day activities and any exercise you participate in than you would do normally. Since the path to successful weight loss involves preserving muscle whilst losing as much body fat as possible, any fat lost as a result of red-light therapy is hugely valuable to patients who are trying to reach a healthy and sustainable weight.

Red light therapy is as effective as exercise

Our patients have found that just one 20-30 minute body slimming treatment at our offices is the equivalent of SEVEN 30-minute cardio workouts. If you find conventional exercise difficult or painful due to health or mobility problems, red light therapy is a successful alternative that can help you to transform your body shape and lose weight.

If you are struggling to lose weight and are desperate to be lighter and healthier, our advanced red-light treatment can help. In addition to contouring your body and helping you to shift stubborn pockets of fat, it can also help you to lose those stubborn pounds that are getting you down. Please contact ​​​​​​​Sarasota Laser Lipo at ​​​​​​ 941-241-0500 to learn about our red-light treatment that is effective with weight loss and an alternative to liposuction.