Sarasota Laser Lipo Reviews

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"Finally putting myself and my health first was the BEST decision I have made in a long time! Thanks to the Sarasota Laser Lipo Team I have been getting the best nights of sleep and the most energy since I started. From the time you walk in the office to the time you leave, Maryann and Dr. R make you feel right at home!"



"I came to Sarasota Laser Lipo, as what I called my last hope at losing weight. In the past several years I had tried different plans and diets, only to fail. I do public speaking and dread each time I would have to speak. I would go to my closet to find the baggiest shirt and a pair of pants I could wear and still breath. After 4 weeks I was down 20 pounds and had a glimmer of hope. After 6 weeks I put on a pair of shorts I hadn't worn in 8 years. I'm tossing away clothes and buying shorts that don't fall off when I wear them. I'm healthier, I have more energy and I'm not ashamed to go out in public. I have a speaking engagement coming up and I'm looking forward to wearing fashionable clothes. And after 10 weeks, I'm down 41 pounds and 154" overall. I went from a 42" waist to 36"' waist. Dr. Rodriguez and Maryann offer invaluable advice and constant encouragement throughout the process."



"This weekend I rocked a bathing suit I haven't been able to get into for 35 years! Need I say more? Yes, I need to say that I am off all my BP meds and Insulin with perfect numbers in these areas, I am a healthy free 72-year old female again. Thank You Dr. R and Maryiane for the gracious and welcoming atmosphere. This has been a life changing adventure. I have lost over 56 inches in April and anxiously await the next calculations. I already lost over 12 pounds at that be cont'd"



"Just went in for my consultation. Very friendly and professional. I can't wait to get started on the path to looking and feeling better!"

- Jan


"I was so overwhelmed after my baby, with this stubborn fat. I found them online and read the reviews, I was impressed. I started my program 2 months ago and just finished. All I can say is OMG! I lost 64 Inches and 2 dress sizes! I FEEL FANTASTIC! The main point that I learned, is how to eat and when to eat. Their customer service is amazing. You won't regret choosing them. Thank you, guys! I appreciate your hard work!"

- Dee


"I started with Sarasota Laser Lipo on May 7th. I am happy with my results at this point, as I have lost 6.5 pounds and I am sleeping better. I used to get up and wander all over the house, I am now going to bed and sleeping all night. I wanted to express my gratitude to the staff at the clinic. They are very supportive and helpful for any issues. I have severe tremors in my right arm, I am hoping that the red light therapy will also assist with decreasing the tremors."

- Linda Z


"From the moment you walk in the door to Sarasota Laser Lipo, you feel the good positive energy. Mary always greets me with a smile and always makes me feel so comfortable every step of the way. Dr. Rodriguez takes the time to understand and listen. He made suggestions to my diet, habits and lifestyle so I can get the most out of their laser lipo treatment. And guess what? It works! I was amazed to have already lost 12 inches around my bust and 9 inches on my waist!!! The laser lipo bed is a mini-vacation for me! A time to relax and melt the fat away. A++++++ highly recommend."

- Lisa G


"I needed a lifestyle change and wasn’t able to jumpstart the process on my own. Dr. Rodriquez and Maryann are welcoming and professional and answered all my questions, (even when I messaged them on a weekend)! After 12 weeks, I have lost 24 pounds and 111 inches overall. I am very pleased with the results so far. You have to be committed and you will get the results back in spades by following the process. I can truly say my sugar addiction, (not to mention carbs) are gone. I’ve tried every diet imaginable but found Sarasota Laser Lipo to be the one that works. If you’re results-driven, this is the place for you!"

- Ms. F

Dr R was the ONLY person to educate me on the "WHY" of Stubborn Fat- 7 LBS Lost in 9 Days!

"I have struggled with my midsection my entire adult life. I could never get that "chiseled" look no matter what I tried and who I talked to. I lettered in two Varsity sports in high school and if not for a knee injury, would have played football at the collegiate level. Looking back, I never got the "WHY" something did or did not work and usually it was a one size fits all approach no matter what trainer or coach I spoke with over the years. Once I started to get more and more financially stable, I looked into a variety of approaches, even the invasive "six pack ab" procedure which would have cost me over 5k. I settled on cool sculpting two years ago and the results were nill at best. I have consulted with Sonobello, Celebrity Trainers, Vshred, you name it I have likely spoken too or attempted it. Nothing worked. That is until I met Dr. Rodriguez at Sarasota Laser & Lipo. A couple things stood out immediately upon my arrival. I met with him and not a sales associate that had no background or degree in what they were talking about. I was not asked for my credit card or told of some new promotion they were doing. He wanted to get to know ME first and what my issues were and my lifestyle, to determine if he could even take me as a client. I was amazed with his knowledge and his ability to very quickly explain the "WHY" of why I was not seeing results. It turns out, foods and drinks I thought were healthy, were doing nothing more than hiding my abs from me. 9 days in and 7lbs of lost weight later, my abs look better than my Varsity football days, all with a simple approach. I look forward to seeing what the future brings!"

- Dan


"I started this journey being very skeptical as I’m sure most people are. I started five weeks ago and have lost a total of 35.5 inches overall and 20 pounds. Since December, I have tried to lose weight every way possible with no results. Since I started this program, I have more energy, more brain clarity, my cravings have completely changed to things that are good for me and it didn’t take much more than seeing day-by-day results with the program!!! I have failed every diet that I have been on. I'm so incredibly motivated and I will shamefully admit that I have cheated a few times, but it did not affect me as bad as I would have thought. (I am not encouraging that however). I haven't felt this great in years. I can’t wait to see the end results at the final five weeks of the program. Not only is it non-invasive, but as I lose weight... my skin and cellulite are also shrinking with this non- surgical program!!! My original goal at the end of this 10-week program was to wear a two-piece bathing suit. I'm five weeks in and I’m already wearing one!!!"

- Ms. A


"Kris and I were looking for a specific diet to follow to lose some weight safely and effectively without starving. After visiting Dr. Rodriguez and listening how his procedure works we took his advice and started on the Sarasota Laser Lipo program on 12/02/2020. I weighed in at 228 pounds in August of last year and feeling down on myself for not being able to even walk our dog around the block. On January 30, 2021 I weighed in at 207.3. I'm just getting back from walking the dog around the block two times! The dog is sleeping right now, and I am headed for the golf course! I’m not down on myself anymore, I am DOWN on my weight + food bill + cholesterol + my sugar and 31 inches around my body. Thank you so much Dr Rodriguez and Maryann for changing our lives and being such a positive support to both of us. By the way Kris has gone down 61.5 inches so far!!!"

- Mr. S

12 POUNDS + 40 INCHES gone in 1 month - MY SUNSPOTS ARE FADING!

"It is so simple and easy to follow. In one month, I am down 12 pounds and 40 inches!!! Plus, my sunspots are fading, and my clothes are already too big."
-Mrs. W


​​​​​​​"I'm the type of person who is always doing things for others, but I decided to go to Sarasota Laser Lipo for ME! And WOW, I feel amazing!! I was wearing a size 14 and in less than 4 weeks I'm in a size 8. I was taking Restoril for sleep but since I
started this program, I have been sleeping much better. I'm have more energy and no more foggy brain. My cravings for sugar and unhealthy treats are gone. It's a process yes... but not a quick fix. If you stick with it, it becomes a life long lifestyle."
​​​​​​​- Ms. C


"I was very nervous about doing the program however after meeting with Dr. Rodriguez that changed. He explained the process and the program to me and I am so glad I decided to do it! The atmosphere there is very relaxing and made me feel very comfortable. Maryanne is wonderful with the scheduling and reminder appointments. I definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a change and a healthy way to lose weight!"
-Mrs. P


"I'm thrilled! I lost 22 inches and 7 lbs in the first 4 weeks. Bringing fat volume down to heart healthier level faster than anticipated. The program is easy to follow. No shots, no invasive procedures. I'm a believer. Feeling great!"
-Mrs. W


"I highly recommend Sarasota Laser Lipo! Dr. Rodriguez and MaryAnn have helped me a lot. I started in Nov 2020 at 303 lbs and I am down to 267 lbs in less than one month. That's 36 lbs lost so far!! Also when I started, I was 45% body fat and am now at 35% body fat. This company has definitely helped me change my mind about how I eat and how I take care of my body. I am so happy I went there!
Call them at 941 203-5988 so you can lose weight like me."
-Art W.​​​​


"I don’t know where to start. I’ve tried “crash dieting" a few years ago and lost a lot of weight but then gained it all back a few months ago. I have decided to make some true changes in my life, so when I heard about this treatment, I have decided to give it a try and I’m SO THRILLED THAT I DID. From my first contact with Mariann and my first consultation with Dr. Rodriguez, I felt valued and I knew I would be supported in every step of the program and I was RIGHT. This program CHANGED MY LIFE... I’m losing inches and pounds... I feel so much better mentally and physically... have so much energy and I'm making healthy choices every single day. I joined the gym for the FIRST TIME in my life. Mariann is professional and so sweet with a great personality. She always greets you with a smile and makes me feel so wonderful every time I see her :) Dr. Rodriguez is AMAZING... so knowledgeable and walks you step-by-step. He takes the time to listen to you and supports you in every possible way to reach your goals. He’s always available for you as well. I just can’t say enough about this clinic and the staff. All I can say is THANK YOU! If I can give (11) STARS, I would!! This is the best thing I ever did to change my life ... and if you are serious about changing your life, don’t wait another day".
- Warqaa

I highly recommend them - I'm already 36 pounds lighter and still losing weight!

"I highly recommend Sarasota Laser Lipo. Dr. Rodriguez and MaryAnn have helped me a lot! I started on November 12th, 2020 at 303 lbs. As of December 22nd, 2020, I'm at 267 pounds!! I have lost 36 lbs so far. Dr. Rodriguez has helped me so much....when I started I was 45% body fat I am now at 35% body fat I am continuing to eat better and take care of my body. My goal is 200 pounds, I only need to lose 67 pounds more. Thank you so much and I can highly recommend this company! You can call them at 941-203-5988 and start losing weight as I did."
-Mrs. W

My attempt at weight control didn't work - I'm so grateful for Sarasota Laser Lipo

"After hearing my adult daughter, (who has down syndrome), crying because she was being laughed at for being overweight, I had to find help. My attempt at weight control just didn't work. Dr. Rodriquez took the time with her to individualize a plan for weight loss that included red light therapy. In 3 months she has lost 20 lbs and 73 inches over her body. And the best part is she wants to do this! I'm so grateful to have found Dr. Rodriquez. Maryann has been supportive and is great at what she does. I can't wait to see her after the next 20 lbs fall off."
-Mrs. M


"Had an excellent experience here. I'm 49 years old and wanted to feel better. I was bloated, fatigued, and had gained excess weight. I am not as concerned with dropping a lot of weight as I work out consistently. Love the toning aspect of this program. I lost over 59 inches throughout my body in 3 months. Knowing a lot about nutrition, I know the importance of lifestyle changes and not simply a fad diet/quick fix. This physician lead program of red light therapy coupled with healthy organic nutrition and accountability is exactly what I needed. Has been a game-changer for me. Have kept all my weight off and continue to feel great. Maryann and Dr. Rodriguez are wonderful."
-Mrs. B


"This is a sincere note to anyone committed to changing their lifestyle. IF you are ready to seriously commit to getting control of your health then you have found the ultimate solution. The current mindset of the medical community is to manage your health as it declines. Stop it!! Get in front of being healthy. I fully support Sarasota Laser Lipo as their program and personal interest help energize you and continues to motivate you to succeed.

I am halfway through my program and my results are pretty amazing: 14 pounds and 36 inches so far. HOWEVER, most important, I have started detoxing my system and will confirm my progress with a full blood panel in January with the ultimate goal of getting off prescribed medication for sugar and Blood pressure. If you are committed and want a program that will change your life forever, then go no further, welcome home."
-Mr. S


"I have been receiving treatment and dietary mentoring for over a month now and really enjoy working with Dr. Rodriguez and Maryanne. They are highly professional and knowledgeable. Doctor Rodriguez keeps me on track by reminding me to stay emotionally balanced, eat healthily, and commit to intermittent fasting. I have lost much weight and more importantly picking up positive life habits I can keep for life. I don’t want to do yo-yo dieting anymore, I want to commit to a life of intermittent fasting with clean food and wholesome psychology to be a happy person. Dr. Rodriguez and Maryanne are leading me onto the right path and paving the way for me. I highly recommend their service!"
-Ms. S


"I'm 50 years old and have struggled with my weight for years. I was able to take off 51" in 2 months following the recommendations of Dr. R and Maryann. I feel great and until now, haven't been able to lose the weight and keep it off. Thank you."
-Mrs. T

I lost 3 Dress Sizes, 17 pounds & 74 inches - I feel like a completely different person!

"I could not have asked for a better experience than the one I had here. Doc and Maryann are amazing!

They are the best cheerleaders you could ask for and are so extremely supportive. They were always available to answer my questions and would even check in with me on the weekends. Every time I went into the office they made me feel like a million bucks and we're always excited to celebrate my progress with me. Their Facebook page has lots of great information and recipes too. They also work with you if you have certain things that are important to you or changes that you can't make and will adjust the plan as needed.

​​​​​​​I lost 17 pounds and 74 inches in 60 days and feel like a completely different person. I went down 3 dress sizes. I have continued to follow the guidelines that they gave me and continue to lose weight (and they continue to cheer me on). I really cannot stress enough what a wonderful experience I had with them and how strongly I would recommend them. Not only did they change my body, but they changed my mind and my habits and boosted my confidence higher than it has been in a long time. Give them a shot and I know that they will change your life too just like they did mine."
​​​​​​​-Ms. Jo


"I went to Sarasota Laser Lipo and discovered the incredibly positive effects of red light therapy. After three weeks I have lost 10 pounds and 20 inches off my chest. In addition, I had blood work done and my cholesterol dropped 35 points Follow Dr. Rodriguez's program and you will see excellent results. I recommend them highly. Also, it is safe and non-surgical!"
-Alan F​​​​​​​


"Hands down the best experience!! I enjoyed learning about the various ways to be healthy and maintain a better lifestyle. Since completing the program I am more engaged in what I eat! I lost about 21 inches overall. Every session gave me energy! I highly recommend the Sarasota Laser Lipo Clinic. You won’t be disappointed!"
-Ms. Y


"Dr. Rodriguez and Maryann were so amazing through this whole process. Dr. Rodriguez helped me develop better eating habits and was very realistic about goals and what I should be doing. I was able to lose weight and actually stick to their program without feeling hungry. The habits developed during this program will stick with me and help me keep the weight off. I couldn’t believe the results and before/after pictures after just 5 weeks - the difference was staggering! I knew my clothes were feeling looser but to see the side-by-side comparison along with their body scanner proved just how effective the program is."
-Ms. K

Quarantine Rut - But now others ask "What did you do, you look amazing?!"

"I cannot say enough good things about my results or about Dr. Rodriguez and Maryanne. Everything was explained so well. I was in a rut due to quarantine but this was readily taken care of from my visits in such a short amount of time! My clothes and performance costumes fit again, my skin looks amazing and I've gotten into a stable and healthier way of eating, which I know I can make last long term. I would definitely recommend this investment in your health, not only for the vanity of everyone asking 'What did you do? You look amazing!' but because you will feel amazing and want to keep that going."
-Ms. Jill

Feeling better + my skin looks great

"After coming in for a free consultation a little over 5 weeks ago, I made a decision to give this treatment a try. Hands down, THE BEST experience, and the office staff are great!! The results for me were beyond my expectations. I am extremely happy with my overall treatment. I have been feeling better about my appearance, my skin looks great and the best part of all is the fact I have lost a total of 46 inches and over 10 lbs in 5 weeks. I have now disciplined myself into continuing down this same healthy path. Without Sarasota Laser Lipo I would not have gotten here. Before them, I had no motivation or discipline. A huge thank you to Maryann and Dr. R. When I first decided to start this program I went in with an open mind and not too many expectations. It’s one thing to lose weight but it’s another to lose inches along with body fat- it’s a hard task. Two weeks into my treatment I have lost 7 lbs and over 24 inches all around. I was amazed by my results in just 2 weeks. I feel and look great, my clothes are starting to fit nice again and most of all I feel healthier and energized. The overall experience at the clinic is excellent. Dr. Rodriguez and Maryann are awesome. Dr. R would share the facts of the treatment and what you can expect in the process. After receiving my results in only 2 weeks I am very pleased. My take away this far is that this program/treatment and their entire process works great collectively. I can’t wait to see my next results. I am happy and grateful for Sarasota Laser Lipo."

Feeling so much better about myself!

"I saw Sarasota Laser Lipo on Facebook a while ago. I was curious but not ready to reach out at that time. Then one morning with the mirror in front of me, I knew it was time to do something. I reached out and went for my consultation. I have just finished my program with a 10 lb. loss and 75 inches so far! Dr. R and Maryann are so positive and helpful. I am feeling so much better about myself! I had set a 20 lb. weight loss for myself so I just signed on for 4 more weeks. The light machine is awesome and my skin feels amazing!"
-Ms. C

This Program Works!

"I started at about 278 pounds. I've been coming to Sarasota Laser Lipo since July. I am at 238.4 pounds as of today. I was skeptical at 1st because I have tried to lose weight seeing other Doctors. This is where I actually got real results naturally and safely. I went from a 4-5 XL down to a 2 XL. I have no pain anywhere in my body now. I have more energy. My confidence has improved. Everyone at work & my Family members all see the improvements that I've made. I ook & feel better. I highly recommend anyone who is wanting to become Healthier to come to make an appointment asap. Don’t wait any longer."
-George F.

Feel Good Inside & Out!​​​​​​​

"I love my experience so far. The staff is so nice & friendly & keeps me on my toes when I slip up. I fall asleep during laser therapy each time. It’s so relaxing & It works! I will definitely recommend this clinic to anyone! And, if you live far, it’s definitely worth the drive!"
-Ms. Y

Great Program

​​​​​​​"The program is fantastic. It has helped me lose weight and fat. The doctor and staff are very supportive during the whole program. They are always helpful. The program has given me great results. I am very happy that I did this program! The doctor tailors the program to each individual. The staff was supportive during the whole process. I highly recommend the program!"
-Dr. Sam

Better Than Any Other Facility

"I just turned 38 the beginning of August and I was feeling sluggish, without energy. I made it a goal to lose 100 lbs and started a treatment plan at another facility, but I didn't see results. I then started the treatments with Dr. Rodriguez in mid August and I'm down 25 lbs and my clothes feel more comfortable! I'm glad I took steps to better my health and I'm proud of my results so far. My journey continues but with the help and motivation of Dr. Rodriguez and Marianne I know I have a good team on my side."
-Mrs. A

Don't Wait Another Day

"I am 39 yo and I had struggled to lose 10 pounds for 4 years since I had my daughter. After only 6 weeks of being on the program at Sarasota Laser Lipo I have lost 11 pounds and 43.7 inches. I loved working with Dr. Rodriguez and Maryann. Great people, encouraging atmosphere and accountability support. It was truly a life-changing experience for me that made me reconsider my food choices and learn how to balance my diet without starving myself. If you are on the fence and not happy with the way you feel about your body, don't wait another day!! Let Dr. Rodriguez help you achieve the real results!
- Mrs. B

Great Skin Toning and Improved Sleep

Wonderful place to go! Non-invasive red light therapy. Great skin toning, helps with sun damage tremendously, improved sleep, and many other benefits! Dr. R and Maryanne are delightful as well and the office is lovely. 5 Stars!
- Mrs. S

My Body is Shrinking Without Dieting

I am near completing my program, having started just before the Christmas holidays. I have seen a notable difference in my body, my stomach protrusion and body rolls are less. I am losing weight, my body is shrinking and all without brutal dieting. The laser light treatment pain, and wonderful benefit. While not inexpensive, the costs are much more reasonable than any other programs I have tried or considered, and the best part is, it works. Thank you Sarasota Laser Lipo.
- Betty D

I Feel the Difference

I'm a 25 year old man and since going to Sarasota laser lipo, I have lost 9 pounds and over 20 inches so far. All of my clothes fit better and I feel the difference since going here. I'm very grateful for their help.
- Ryan G

This Has Changed My Life

I highly recommend seeing Dr. Rodriguez if you want to become healthier. His program has changed my life. I'm still losing weight. I find that I'm not snacking all day long anymore. I have more energy during the day. I am also sleeping like a baby after losing the weight that I've lost. Thanks, Sarasota Laser Lipo.
- Mr. F

I've Tried Every Fad Diet Out There - This Works

I've been trying to lose weight for too long! Tried pretty much every fad diet and was really looking for help, especially after turning 50! Dr. Rodriguez & Maryann are delightful to work with! I knew after my first consultation that Dr. R cared about serious health risks and not instant fixes that don't last long. He's passionate, genuine and you can trust his directional support to guide you with a strategy that works. To date, I've lost 57 inches, 15 pounds, tightened my skin, feel better in my clothes & have more energy. I'm committed but it's only because as a team, Maryann & Dr. R make you want to succeed. Seriously give them a try, you won't regret it!
- Mrs. S

Helps with fibromyalgia, aches, wellness and anti-aging

I've been a client of this practice for over a year. They have helped me with my health and nutrition and have motivated me to stay fit and healthy, the proper way. The treatments they provide are another way to wellness and anti-aging. Today I tried the full body head-to-toe, face and neck treatment. There is no hard massaging and zero contact. It's also very clean, sanitized and safe. For me it is going to be a part of my regimen for fibromyalgia and aches and overall self care. The benefits are plentiful! Thank you​​​​​​​
- Mrs. C

Other diets and trainers did not work for me- This really works

After having 2 kids and gaining almost 60lbs I was miserable and ashamed of my body. I lost all self-confidence. Every diet and trainer seemed to not make a difference. By chance, I saw an ad on Facebook and thought what do I have to lose? Well after 2 months I’ve lost 27lbs and 130” with NO exercise!! I’ve changed my eating habits and never feel hungry. Can’t wait to get my pre-baby body back- halfway there...I’ve felt supported along the way and very thankful to the team here.

- Mrs. R

No Tummy Tuck for me

I highly recommend Dr. Ian Rodriquez of Sarasota Laser Lipo if you are serious about losing weight and trimming inches. For years, I tried almost every diet/weight loss program and gimmick out there and while I would lose weight in the beginning, it never lasted. My weight was constantly ping ponging. FaceBook led me to Sarasota Laser Lipo and in February I started this laser red light therapy together with their sensible diet plan. The Laser Lipo treatments are pain-free; non-invasive; and require no down time, unlike a “tummy tuck” which I was seriously considering. Their food plan starts out with a detox together with a regime of vitamins and herbal supplements - not “quick fix” drugs or diet pills. My initial skepticism dissipated after seeing results after my first treatment. Both Dr. Rodriquez and his assistant, Maryanne, are supportive, encouraging and most knowledgeable about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While I started to drop the pounds, I also started to feel better and have more energy. In 3 weeks, I lost 6 pounds and 26.9 inches overall. I only wish I would have found them ten years ago!

- Jill S.

The procedure and equipment is incredible

I can't say enough wonderful things about every aspect of this procedure/plan and Team. Being someone whos tried MANY things to change my life for the healthier, Sarasota Laser Lipo Family has been the best experience of them all.

Where to start. The environment is so relaxing and inviting. I couldn't ask for a more supportive and patient staff. Dr. Rodriguez is truly understanding of his patients needs for assurance, while still keeping us accountable. Maryann is so personable and encouraging. She makes me feel welcome and supported during a sensitive time.

The Procedure and the Equipment is incredible. It is furthest from invasive, it is like a spa day. The laser treatment is warming and combine that with the setting it's easy to forget this is a medical procedure. I have had great results. ( accidentally wore my daughter's jeans and didn't know it).

- Samantha G.

Helps with pain and anti-aging -I see it in my face too

I went in out of curiosity. I've tried everything from hot coal feeling kinds of treatments in problem areas and Vaccum types ouch ouch and more ouch. This treatment is Pain-Free!!!! I work out and eat right but let's face it we have genetics. So I got the special and was hooked. I also had the opportunity to get sound health and diet advice from Dr. Rodriguez. My stomach has crept up on me but I caught it!! SSLL has helped. I was skeptical at first like many but indeed this is effective. The office is perfect and Maryann is amazing and so good to all the customers. This will also help pain and anti-aging. I see it in my face too. I plan to continue here in the next phase. Thank you SSLL for helping me get back on track. We all need a push..

- K Coltun

They are genuine and truly care about their patients

I must admit I was very skeptical about the laser lipo program so I brought my husband to my consultation for moral support! The consultation was so informative that we both decided to give the program a try! In 12 weeks I have lost 78 inches and 22 pounds and I feel great! My husband has one more session and then he will know his results.

We have learned sooooo much about eating foods that benefit our bodies, minds, and well being and we feel confident that we will continue the good eating habits we have learned. Dr. Rodrigues and Maryann are genuine people that truly care about their patients, I would highly recommend them and this program!

- Debbie R.

Relaxing Treatments- My husband and I are doing this together

We are very thankful for Dr. Rodriguez and Mary Ann they both are such genuine, very kind & encouraging people.

The procedure was very relaxing with no surgery or downtime, Dr. Rodriguez and Mary Ann were very professional and made my husband and myself feel completely comfortable by thoroughly explaining the procedure and what results, We should expect, if we both followed the plan. It was money well spent We would highly recommend Sarasota Laser Lipo.

- Kathy K.

Cravings are gone - I feel 100% Healthier

Serious about weight loss and health? If you are this is the place to be. Dr. Rodriquez is totally supportive and wants you to succeed. He is direct and open giving guidance. Maryann is fabulous - organized, positive force, and caring. Results - YES: in just 4 weeks over 30 inches loss; feel 100% healthier. Changing bad habits is hard the first couple of weeks but easy after that since you feel so much better - cravings are gone. The sessions are relaxing and effective.

- Cindi H.

Best real non-invasive results

I’m still a work in progress with only 3 sessions at a comfortable cost SARASOTA Laser Lipo has already accomplished the beginnings of my end goals. I love the staff and how easy they have made it fall into and follow my plan. For any woman who is striving to make that body change, Sarasota Laser Lipo are the best real non-invasive results received by me for our area.

- LPGA Cathy S.

My stomach is flat - I feel fantastic

Beautiful office. Very professional staff. Love Mary Ann and Dr. Rodriguez. Very close to my ideal weight. Perimenopausal Workout, eat healthy most of the time. Hit a plateau. After 7 sessions, lost 10 pounds. Not sure how many inches. My stomach is flat. Feel fantastic. Wear my bikini proud. Can wear all my tight-fitting outfits. Laser Lipo truly works.

- Crystal S.

My clothes are looser - I'm very pleased

First of all, I just want to say that everyone there that I spoke with was very courteous and professional. I have explained everything in detail as what to expect with the Laser Lipo and all my questions were answered prior to having the procedure. The procedure was very relaxing and I was very comfortable throughout. I lost 6 inches overall that day which was great! I didn't notice a big difference but I continuously drank water after the procedure and for the next few days. By day 3 I started noticing that my clothes felt looser. By the 5th day, I really noticed a difference in my waist, abdomen and upper thighs. So I weighed myself just to see if I was just imagining the difference but to my surprise, I had lost 5 lbs!! It has been almost 2 weeks since my first treatment and I continue to look better with each day. I am very pleased that I chose to do this. Thank you very much to the staff.!

- Donna W.

I dropped a dress size - My skin is tighter

I had a very favorable experience at Sarasota Laser Lipo. After going in for the free consultation, I felt very comfortable going forward with the eight sessions that Dr. Rodriguez recommended. The sessions are completely relaxing and you see results right after the first treatment. The best part is that there is no surgery or downtime. Today I completed my sessions and I lost several inches, dropped a dress size and 6 pounds, plus my skin is tighter. I love the way my clothes are fitting. I looked forward to the 30 minutes of complete relaxation in a spa-like atmosphere and Dr. Rodriguez and Mary Ann made the whole experience very comfortable for me. It was money well spent and I strongly recommend Sarasota Laser Lipo.

- Peggy H.

I was hesitant at first - Results are amazing

I was a little hesitant at first, however, the results were amazing! I also changed some eating habits that helped as well!!

- Penny M.

Staff is awesome, genuine & inspirational - You will see results

Dr. Rodriguez and Mary are awesome, genuine, inspirational, and you will definitely get results!!

- Julie F.

Thank You, this is awesome

Thank you, This is awesome.

- Jose L.

Fabulous service, beautiful decor -Feel your absolute best

Fabulous service, beautiful decor, and the nicest professionals that help you look and feel your absolute best.

- Victoria W.

See results in no time

First of all the staff is awesome, the facility is cozy/relaxing, and the treatments are the best and you see results in no time. Great experience.

- Patricia L.

Lost 9" in hip area in 4 weeks - Love the process

Wonderful place, Great staff, super-nice, lost 9 inches in hips in 4 weeks, love the process and love the relaxed atmosphere. 5 stars for sure.

- Mellissa L.

I drive an hour to come here - Affordable & worth it

Huge skeptic over here, that has seen the light (pun intended).

22 inches are gone from my body in a month (8 treatments) I could have done better but I have had a lot going on. My advice, follow the plan and drink water. I slipped up a lot and had very little exercise and still fit in jeans that I haven’t worn in six years! That’s winning.

You won’t find a more honest group of people who really just want you to feel good about yourself and help you to your goals. It’s the easiest thing to do, go relax for 30 minutes with no pain, no downtime but actual visible results.

Dr. Rodriquez and Mary Ann are amazing. I drive an hour for the treatment twice a week because it’s worth it. The office is clean, easy to find location. There are other places in the area but I did my research and found that during my consultation there was no BS. Dr. Rodriquez was honest, no nonsense. The price is affordable and worth every penny.

When your doing the treatment it feels like laying on the beach, nice and warm. Mary Ann has some nice music to help you relax too.

Give it a try, you can’t go wrong with a consultation. You’ll thank me later.

- Sara A.

I was skeptical at first - Clothes are fitting now, skin is tighter

I must admit I was quite skeptical in trying this new procedure, but I ended up having a very positive experience at Sarasota Laser Lipo. Dr. Rodriguez recommended eight treatments and I followed his nutrition plan and dropped a dress size and 6 pounds. I lost several inches in my arms, legs, and abs and love the way my clothes are fitting, and my skin feels tighter. The procedure was very relaxing with no surgery or downtime, and Dr. Rodriguez and Mary Ann were very professional and made me feel completely comfortable by thoroughly explaining the procedure and what results I should expect if I followed the plan. It was money well spent and I highly recommend Sarasota Laser Lipo.

- Peggy Q.F.


I highly recommend Sarasota Laser lipo, found them on FB wasn't sure what I was getting myself into but today I just had my first treatment, and hey! Here I am more than satisfied with the experience and results I just lost 10 inches overall around my midsection. And the funny part but serious at the same time, I felt and saw the difference!

Sarasota laser lipo I appreciate your warm and caring environment, see you soon in my next section 🙏 Thank you!

- Liz


Must check this place out...Great location and a beautiful office. The staff is accommodating and very professional. From walking through the front door to leaving, I felt very comfortable and relaxed. I work out often and I try to eat healthy as much as I can, but we all have those areas we wish could be tighter. As I age, I realized my skin is not as tight in some areas as I would like. I took advantage of the promotional sessions they are having and within 3 visits, I have noticed tightening skin and my "love handles" are fading away.

- Tara C.


The morning after my first treatment and I am blown away !!!! I can totally see a difference in how my clothes fit. No surgery, downtime or pain. Totally professional staff that answered every question/concern I could come up with. My eyelids are less puffy, the skin on my face feels firmer and my stomach area is smaller. ALL AFTER ONE VISIT. This has truly given this 66yr old the emotional and physical boost I need to claw my way back to a healthier lifestyle. THANK YOU !!

- JoAnn A.


What a wonderful place and staff. This will be my 4th time going and all I can say is that the fat shrinking process works. Very impressive process. Best part, you don't have to buy anything and don't have to make a complete lifestyle change, if you are already living a healthier lifestyle.

- Marija S.


Absolutely fantastic people. I love love, Mary Ann, and Dr. Rodriguez. Being in holistic health I am always looking for the safest anti-aging methods for my clients and myself. Sarasota Laser Lipo has nailed it with this new technology. Shoot them a message today, you won't regret it!
- Chalyce M.


Very friendly and provide an amazing service. I got amazing results and will definitely be back!!

- Hayden M.


A must place to go and get your treatments done! Love my laser Lipo treatment.

- Judy W.


I found them on fb, and my overall experience just from the first visit I notice the difference of those 10 inches less🙏

- Elizabeth R.


My husband and I went to Sarasota Laser Lipo for their pre-grand opening special. The office is beautiful and the staff is very professional. The treatment was very comfortable and relaxing. I had a little fat pooch above a scar on my stomach and wanted to flatten it out. I couldn’t believe the results I saw just after 2 visits. I will continue to go until I achieve the total results I’m looking for. I would definitely recommend Sarasota Laster Lipo to everyone. Thank you!

- Wendy B. C.


Great location near hospitals & Sarasota Medical Hospital!! Beautuful renovated office, state of the art equipment !! great results !!

A must-do.,check it out!! You will see immediate results in your body!


- Terry A.


Sarasota Laser Lipo has a very comfortable vibe. The staff is very professional and knowledgeable. My husband and I went in for their pre-grand opening special and I was highly impressed. I could see wonderful results after only 2 visits. The treatment is very relaxing. I defiantly will continue to go until I achieve my desired results. I would recommend Sarasota Laser Lipo to anyone who is looking for non-invasive fat loss.

- Wendy C.


I had a very awesome experience at Sarasota Laser Lipo. They are very nice and makes you feel very comfortable and explains everything about what to expect. I’ve been there twice and it’s motivated me to keep going. The atmosphere is very clean and very nice. They are very awesome people. I’ve finally found a very nice place to start feeling and looking better. I highly recommend that you all go to Sarasota Laser Lipo. They are the best ever.

- Cynthia B.


I would highly recommend this facility for anyone looking to trim down on certain areas. They are very knowledgeable in the field and the offices are new, clean and very comfortable. They were able to answer all of my questions about the technology and projected results. Overall I was very happy with my experience.

- Joey L.


So happy I found this place. The location is convenient and the atmosphere is relaxing. Laser treatments are 30 minutes long and results are noted immediately. With the calming ambiance, you may just fall asleep during treatment. Check this place out.

- Tara


It was the best decision I've made for myself! The whole process was very comfortable and professional. Would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone!

- Karen E.


Came in toured the facility checked out the 3-D technology. I was able to see an amazing transformation in just one visit.

- Jared D.


Great facility. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable.

- Kimberly C.


The services they provide are amazing. Beautiful office and very professional. I will recommend their service to anyone.

- Myrna R.


I am extremely happy with my decision to try these treatments. I was somewhat skeptical at first, but the results I have experienced are amazing! The hard to tone areas that don't always respond to exercise and dieting have definitely improved. I was especially pleased with my before and after photos of my face and how the lines under my eyes improved drastically. If you follow the program you're given you will see results! Thank you to Dr. Rodriguez and Mary Ann. You're the best!

- Marcia F.


I came in for a free consultation and saw amazing results after my first treatment!

- Jared D.


Dr. Rodriguez, the best!!!

- Brenda L.


I was very skeptical at first to try this! Wasn't sure what I was getting into! I cannot say enough about this place! The staff is very friendly and helpful! Dr. Rodriguez is very knowledgeable! I had great results and will definitely do this again

- Christine S.

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