Menopause and Weight Gain

May 28, 2021

Many women find it hard to maintain their usual weight during menopause. While the process of menopause varies from woman to woman, the majority of women gain weight during this transitional period of time. Many factors can affect menopause, such as genetics, lifestyle, aging, and hormones.

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What Happens to your Body When You Eat Sugar?

April 30, 2021

Most of us know that eating too much sugar is bad for us. Not only does it accelerate the possibility of dental decay, but it also has a much wider impact on our general health and wellbeing. So, what exactly happens to our body when we eat sugar? Let’s find out.

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How to Get in Summer Shape
Quickly and Safely

March 31, 2021

With year-round sunshine and warm temperatures, fantastic beaches, beautiful palm trees, and the lure of the ocean, there’s nothing quite like spending time in Florida. However, if you don’t feel beach-body ready, you might be a little apprehensive about spending time in short-shorts or bikinis.

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Do Diets Work for Weight Loss, Long Term?

February 28, 2021

If you weigh more than you would like and/or you want to be slimmer, the first thing that comes to mind is to go on a diet. Everyone knows someone who has been on a diet at least once in their life.

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Why Is Red Light Therapy Better Than Other Options?

December 30, 2020

It’s a New Year — Jump-start your health! If you are considering Surgery or Invasive Procedures, here is something you should highly consider. There is a safer option that requires no surgery or downtime.

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