"From my first interaction to my most recent at Sarasota Laser Lipo, the experience has been exceptional in every aspect. The atmosphere is welcoming, with a team that is genuinely friendly and kind. Dr. Rodriguez ensures that each experience is informative, comfortable, and encouraging. The whole staff cultivates an atmosphere of ease and relaxation.

I was initially uncertain as to what to expect from the experience, however I am overwhelmingly pleased with the entire process so far. Remarkably, only three weeks into the program, I was astonished to see nearly 10 pounds and 34” completely disappear from my body overall. As a person with a small frame, the loss is astonishing. To paint a picture of this loss, I have a favorite pair of jeans that I could not button by about four inches and only 21 days later I am able to button and zip them completely. The transformation has significantly boosted my self-confidence. I feel mentally clearer, more optimistic, and am eager to continue implementing all I have learned into a sustainable, positive lifestyle change.

The entire experience at Sarasota Laser Lipo is profoundly contributing to both my physical health and mental wellbeing and I look forward to the continued success it provides in my holistic healing journey."