"Not even sure where to start on writing this review, so I will just jump in by saying I am in "ahh" with Sarasota Laser Lipo! I teamed up with Dr. Rodriguez and Maryann on this journey to better the internal part of me that would eventually yield a new outer me. I am in the phase of life where I found it extremely difficult to maintain a healthy weight no matter what I tried. After getting lab results from my primary doctor that I am pre-diabetic, high cholesterol, overweight and the list goes on of what comes with those risk factors, I knew it was time for a lifestyle change. I researched several places and found Dr. Rodriguez who not only changed my life, but he made me realize that this is a life style change for the better. I started this journey Dec 2, 2021, today is Jan 5, 2022 and in only 4 weeks I have lost 15 lbs and lost 155 inches overall! I know some may think this can't be real or not possible, but I am a real person who followed the program and it has and is still working for me! Everyone will have different results I am sure, as we are not all made the same, however for me this was a game changer and more than life changing that has put me on a path to a better way of living my life. I am forever grateful for Dr. Rodriguez and Maryann for their superb professionalism, their level of support and for just being real people. Hope this review helps inspire others to believe in themselves to become disciplined enough to make a better change in life for you, as you deserve it as much as I do. Thank you again Dr. Rodriguez and MaryAnn!!"
- Bev J