I came in at 238 pounds with high blood pressure, stage 3 kidney disease,cancer and Fibromyalgia with extreme pain and exhaustion that kept me pretty much homebound and depressed. I felt absolutely hopeless at this point and thought “ is this how the rest of my life is going to be at 66 years old”? I saw the commercial for Sarasota Laser Lipo and went to their web page to read what it was about. A friend of mine told me about laser light therapy and that it works. This is red and green light therapy and reviews were great and I had nothing to lose! But I did lose!!…17 pounds and 52 inches in under a month… no more gastric reflux, my blood pressure went down and my Fibromyalgia is gone and my cancer is stabilized. The pain and exhaustion are gone!! I started to exercise again, I can go out now and plan a day out. I have new eating habits and I am Happy Again!! It is now 5 weeks into my program and I am 22 pound lighter. Dr. Rodriquez and his staff are amazing and I love going. I highly recommend them…This changed my life!

-Michele K