"Dr. Rodriguez, of the Sarasota Laser Lipo, helped save my life. I was at a point where nothing would work, so many yo-yo diets and whole 30 with nothing changing in the weight. Instead it seemed like one bite and I’d balloon 10 lbs. I was so discouraged as I was so successful with many other things but could not get the scale to move. It played in my mind, caused major depression and I wanted to throw in the towel. The only thing I had on my side was my persistent asking “WHY”. Why is my weight going up 10 lbs when I only eat egg for breakfast, salad at lunch and chicken for dinner? None of the doctors at home could help me. Then we came to Sarasota, and Lori’s friend was talking about how she had done cold sculpting. I started to research it along with other drug free and non invasive options. I thought maybe if I tried a doctor here, I’d get a different & fresh perspective. That’s when I came across Sarasota Laser Lipo—online Google. I called them and talked with MaryAnn. She told me a little about their process being non invasive, No medications, and I immediately made my personal appointment for 2/24. Knowing that this was my last straw. Lori didn’t at first believe it because she read “Laser and Lipo” in their company name. She kindly offered to come with me and hear what was to be said. She was genuinely concerned about my health. She knew what I was eating as we were eating many meals together. The weekend before my appointment we went to Shore Restaurant in St Armand’s. Lori’s friend who shared the cold sculpting was with us. While having cocktails, we met two couples and we were talking about motorcycles and cars with them. We never exchanged names, just friendly nod goodbye. We left and went home. Next, it was Wednesday, my appointment day. Both Lori and I went together. We met with Dr. Rodriguez. He was very nice and listened attentively. I was talking about the foods I ate, the exercise I did, and one diagnose in California where I had been told I had hyperthyroidism. I explained my reluctance to medications and then Lori went to speak about her daughter having the same issues. At this moment, the Doctor put his reading glasses down on the desk and said “ I need to ask you ladies something, were you at Shore Restaurant this weekend talking to my friend about his motorcycle?” At this moment, chills went through my body. I knew we were with the right person to help me! I signed up for the program and did exactly what Dr. Rodriguez told me. I’m down 341 inches and 70 lbs. my life has changed drastically thanks to Lori, and Dr Rodriguez. Everything has changed, I feel like my old self and I’m forever grateful to them. Dr. Rodriguez’s program works and it’s easy to set up appointments with MaryAnn, the office manager. She is super friendly and helps you with any issues or concerns."
-Valerie M​​​​​​​