Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting

We all have areas of our body that are predisposed to stubborn pockets of fat that don’t seem to shrink regardless of how many hours we put in at the gym or the exercises we try to target them. These jiggly, flabby zones may not be very big, but they can still be a source of frustration when you have worked so hard to achieve the figure that you have always dreamed of. Depending on where they are, they can even cause embarrassment or prevent you from wearing the clothes that you would like to. Nevertheless, you may not be prepared to go under the knife to address them, and we can’t blame you. For many patients, whether it is the general anesthetic, the recovery period or the cost involved, invasive surgery is simply not an option.

Fortunately, there is an alternative that is extremely effective in helping you to achieve the body and confidence that you have been looking for. Body sculpting using red light and collagen-elastin stimulating technology, only at Sarasota Laser Lipo.

What is body sculpting and how does it work?

Also sometimes known as body contouring, body sculpting is a form of cosmetic procedure that is designed specifically to help smooth, shape and contour those areas of your body that you would like to see a little more toned and defined. However, unlike surgical procedures, body sculpting can be performed in a number of relaxing, non-invasive sessions performed in the comfort of our offices in Sarasota, FL.

Our highly successful red light and collagen-elastin producing technology works by stimulating the fat cells to open causing them to drain themselves. Once the fat cells are drained, the body uses its own natural process of elimination. This process causes the fat cells to shrink, taking up less space in the target zone and causing the area to look smaller and more toned than before. Red light technology also speeds up your natural metabolism, accelerating the fat burning process.

What can I expect from a body sculpting session?

Each body sculpting treatment lasts just 20-30 minutes and it’s an entirely painless process with no need for any sort of sedation or anesthesia. As a matter of fact, most of our patients fall asleep during the treatment. To do the procedure, you will be placed face up on our therapy bed where the doctor and/or technician will place multiple pads, containing over 5000 diodes made up of red light and collagen-elastin stimulating light, on the areas to be targeted.

Once your session is complete, you then will do a 10 minute vibration therapy session to assist with continued fat drainage. Once the entire procedure is complete, you will be able to resume your usual activities immediately, without pain, downtime or complications.

What areas can body sculpting target?

Body sculpting has been proven to be successful in treating all of the areas of the body where stubborn pockets of fat tend to accumulate, including the abdomen, bra area, waist, flanks, hips, thighs, upper arms and even the chin.

Please visit the research paper listed below:

Efficacy of low-level laser therapy for body contouring

How quickly will the results of body sculpting be visible?

Most patients see same day results after just one 20-30 minute treatment. At Sarasota Laser Lipo, we use the latest 3D body scanning technology to capture the details of your body by precisely measuring multiple areas before your first session. After your first treatment, we repeat the scan. Our doctor will go over the results with you personally so that you can see and quantify for yourself the success of your treatment.

If you would like to find out more about body sculpting using red light technology, please don’t hesitate to make an appointment with our expert body slimming team at Sarasota Laser Lipo by calling (941) 241-0500 today.