Fat Loss

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LLLT (low level light/laser therapy) fat loss treatments are ideal for patients who do not want to do the traditional painful and costly liposuction or fat freezing. It works on people who have issues with weight loss (BMI over 30) to those who have isolated pockets of stubborn fat that do not seem to go despite eating a healthy, balanced diet and trying various exercises to improve the appearance of the area. LLLT fat treatments have been shown to be extremely effective in either of these situations, enabling patients to see a visible reduction in fat, improved tone and a smoother, more contoured appearance in their target area, without the pain or medications, without needles, without the high cost, without surgery or downtime.

Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is one of the safest and latest technologies to be given FDA approval for targeted non-surgical fat reduction. Rather than removing the fat cells from the body, the use of red light, delivered at specific wavelengths, opens small openings within fat cells so that their contents can escape, causing them to shrink in size. Smaller fat cells take up less space in your body, which will make the area of your body that you are targeting smaller and more toned. The escaped contents can then be metabolized by the body in the usual and natural way and passed out as waste causing weight loss.

Red light treatment takes around half an hour per session. Exactly how many sessions you will need will be discussed with your doctor at your consultation, but typically after 6-8 sessions, many patients see significant fat reduction. You can return to your usual activities immediately after treatment, and the results of your procedure can start to be seen as soon as your first treatment. If you maintain and follow some simple guidelines and health lifestyle, the results of red-light therapy should be sustainable for a long time.

Here at Sarasota Laser Lipo, we use the power of red-light therapy to help you succeed in your quest for fat loss/weight loss and better health. Our technology also uses the power of near infrared light which has been shown and proven to stimulate collagen and elastin production. So not only can we reduce the fat content from the fat cells, we can also tighten and tone the area as well, creating a significant change on how your clothes will fit after treatment. If you are interested in finding out more about our red-light technology, please don’t hesitate to make an appointment at our office in Sarasota, Florida today. Our experienced and knowledgeable doctor and staff would be delighted to schedule your consultation.

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