Tips for Weight Loss: How Reducing Pain and Inflammation Can Help


There are legitimate reasons why many people have a difficult time losing those extra pounds. If you knew the facts about losing weight, you could overcome various obstacles and achieve your goals. 

Honest Truths About Weight Loss

You do not need anyone to tell you that losing weight and keeping it off is hard. Understanding why it is so difficult can help you stop condemning yourself whenever you experience a setback. That will help increase your chances of success. So, you should face the weight loss facts and forget the gimmicks. Understanding the following points will help you slim down:

  • Your body works against you when you try to lose weight

  • There are no quick fixes

  • It is nearly impossible to lose weight and keep it off with exercise alone

  • Fad diets rarely provide lasting results

  • One weight loss diet does not fit everyone

  • Weight loss is a lifestyle change, not a diet

  • Chronic pain and inflammation can cause weight gain


Science suggests a direct link between your ability to lose excess weight and chronic inflammation. There is a difference between chronic inflammation and acute inflammation. 

Acute inflammation is your body’s response to a sudden problem, such as a bug bite or stubbed toe. The healing process results in a necessary but brief inflammatory response. Chronic inflammation happens internally over an extended period and is a response to a more serious problem within the body. 

Healthcare professionals link chronic inflammation to various diseases and conditions. These include weight gain, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and more. 

The Link Between Body Weight and Chronic Pain and Inflammation

Most people are unaware of the weight-loss saboteur lurking within their bodies. It can stem from a poor diet, lack of exercise, environmental toxins, and stress. Chronic inflammation is a rampant saboteur these days. So if you are overweight, it is up to you to stop inflammation in its tracks. That will help relieve your pain and keep inflammation from disrupting your weight-loss regimen.

There is more to losing weight than just the number of calories you consume. Other dynamics come into play. Research suggests that reducing pain and inflammation is essential and a significant first step to lasting weight loss. 


How Does Pain and Inflammation Prevent Weight Loss?

When pain and inflammation are present, you will not lose much weight, even if you have the most disciplined exercise and eating habits. That is due to the changes evident when the body carries excess weight. Unfortunately, many of these changes build on one another. Some of the reasons why pain and inflammation can hinder weight loss include:


  • Weight gain leads to increased inflammation

  • Weight gain and inflammation can lead to insulin resistance, leading to weight gain, resulting in a vicious cycle

  • Inflammation can affect leptin functioning, causing metabolism to slow and appetite to increase

Reduce Inflammation to Lose Weight

Whether carrying an extra 10 pounds or 100 pounds of body fat, you likely have some inflammation. Your body will focus on healing rather than losing weight in this situation. So, it would help if you reduced inflammation to help your body return to more normal operating conditions. That will help you lose weight and keep it off.

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